Illustrator & Finance Manager

Hi, I’m Creamy! I specialize in creating illustrations and animation, focusing on cute characters. I enjoy bright colors, intricate details, and expressive characters that capture emotions and personality. I'm an avid BL fan, drawing inspiration from various popular series. Outside of art, I enjoy gaming, ice skating and traveling.


Illustrator & Social Media Manager

Henlo! I'm Ren! I'm an artist primarily focusing on animation in the VTuber space! I'm heavily invested in anime and manga culture, with my interests naturally extending into these exact subjects! Kekkai Sensen, FFXIV and Vocaloid to name a small subsection of media I'm particularly passionate for.


Head Illustrator

Hail and well met! I'm Rane (pronounced like "rain") I've worked on many projects (both corporate and freelance) and have enjoyed the company of like-minded creatives who want to make fantastic art. You might find me playing games like Arknights or Destiny 2 but definitely in a casual sense, I'm not a gamer.

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